Foundation Project

(Ethics) Mike was off sick today so we had a lecture with Honey, it was quite interesting reading about a photojournalist and the main characteristics of their job. She also gave us a starting point of an essay of 1500 words about ‘What makes a good photojournalist?’ this enabled me to do a lot of research and look at things I didn’t already know. I was also given a reading list of famous books as well as researching quotes which helped me to have a better insight. We were then sent on a task to interview and get photos of student asking them of their University experience, I was a bit wary of this at first because I wasn’t quite comfortable going upto people I didn’t know, but in the end I got used to it and managed to find out information and feel more secure.

(Digital Journalism) We went through the whole course modules of what we will be doing up until the January assignments. This helped me to understand what needed to be done and helped me to understand what we will be expected to create. This is also the lesson which showed us about the social news and the real published news to do with Bin Laden so we could understand the differences between the two. This was a good lesson because it helped me relate to the different pieces of news and how to understand which was which.

(Photography) In this lesson, we started looking at natural lighting, we were showed some examples and talked to about front light, side light and back light. We were then set out ourselves to take pictures of these but because the day was very dull, there wasn’t much natural light to take photos with, this proved difficult so I wasn’t really able to take many photos. I would catch up on this another day and post the photos on facebook.


(Ethics + Digital Journalism) Although I already posted a post on the end of our foundation project, this week was the final week we had to complete it. I also got my advice on how to improve my Zine and to look at the positives and negatives, I recieved a lot of positive feedback which made me feel better about what I had done as I hadn’t used the software before. I also recieved feedback on my blog and was told that my blogs were going in the right direction and were quite interesting.

(Photography) We were suppose to be completing the final drafts for our foundation project, and after we finished these we were taught the whole module guide for our work throughout the year until January. The first assignment was to do with Halloween using natural and artificial light. I will definitely plan my photoshoots before I take them so I can make them the best of my ability. I want to make sure my photos are the best ones I could take. I’m glad I completed my foundation project on time because it shows I had good time handling skills as well as doing well with the actual programmes.

I finished my hopes and fears page, including many details about each section. These included fears for my future as well as my hopes of what I would become. As well as smaller hopes and fears which related directly to my life. A one which always confuses people is my fear of wind turbines. I don’t even know myself why I am scared of them, but this is a genuine fear of mine. I included photo’s which related to my past, present and future which also gave a vague idea to my life.

I completed my Zine in Illustrator, using different photos and different effects to make the Zine look interesting. This included pictures of Flora Decay, such as leaves, which I used for the background, and then people kicking leaves on the floor. I talked about the different seasons and how this can control our lives and show us when different seasons are over and what time of the year it is.

I really enjoyed creating these two pieces of work, because it enabled me to think about myself, the past, present and future part enabled me to understand things I didn’t know about myself, where as the Zine helped me to use new software and become more creative.

the second week has been the hardest, i’m told time after time never to leave things til’ last minute, but yet again, I have. I completed my past, present and future section explaining my hopes and fears at the same time. This helped me to learn a lot about myself and allow me to view which kind of hopes and fears are the strongest and the ones which I would include. I tried to contain in the project a collection of photo’s which represented the story I was telling to its full potential and also make the layout something different by using different effects which I wasn’t used to, in order to push myself, and not stick to the norm. I began to create my Zine, using Illustrator was something I was definitely not familiar with, this therefore made me have to try and push myself and use the different tools on there to create something which stood out. I wanted to make a good layout as well as include text which relate to the photos which I had taken. I had taken the background of the leaves as well as all the other photo’s involved on the Zine in Kirkstall Abbey Park. There was a wide variety of flora to choose from to help me capture the perfect shots.

The project which I was given for the foundation project at first confused me, I had never heard of a ‘Zine’ in my life. This startled me and I was scared in case everyone around me knew what they had to do, after a while I felt rather silly after knowing it was short for ‘Magazine’. My panic faded. It was hard to come up with a theme straight away, well at least something which I could make a strong opinion on. Our group decided to come up with decay, but instead of us all focusing on one aspect, we decided to choose a seperate topic each, mine being ‘flora’. I managed to collect the photos which I needed by visiting Kirkstall Abbey and looking around the park then looking at different aspects such as leaves, trees and flowers. I believe taking these gave me an insight on a new type of photography because a lot of the photography I have done before has been staged, this allowed me to play around a little. I then took photo’s of different textures which could be used as backgrounds for other projects in the future as well as this one. I believe doing this has helped me to then think about what I am going to write about and also the layout for the Zine.

I never know how to start a blank canvas, especially under the pressure to write something about a thing in particular. To be honest, starting University was a huge blank canvas, new place, new people, new sights… a whole new life. Me and my mam always used to watch the film version of ‘Mamma Mia’ and I always used to dread the part when the daughter leaves, the lyrics from the song which sprang to mind were ‘School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning, waving goodbye, with an absent minded smile’, University makes me feel like a young kid again as well as at the same time making me feel like a young woman. The moment came, and I was then the daughter leaving, that young school girl entering the big world, leaving my mam behind. I had doubts about not being able to become independent, the thought of using a washing machine was my worst problem, I was a hundred percent sure that if I used one, my clothes would come out the right size for a barbie. They didn’t. Thank God. I realised after the first few days that everyone around me were also in the same boat, leaving home, making clothes for barbies, hundreds and thousands of mature “school kids” flooding around me, I finally belonged.