My name is Samantha Jayne Pearson, I am currently at Leeds Met University studying Photographic Journalism. I originally come from a small town close to Durham. At the moment I do not have a job, but I am always interested in looking for voluntary work in a magazine/newspaper company just to build up my skills and to give me a bigger insight into the photo and journalism concept.

The photography which I take is varied, I enjoy all aspects and spend a lot of my time taking quick snaps even from my phone if I do not have my camera at hand. Fashion Photography is a big inspiration of mine, I have always said to myself that taking photo’s for Vogue is probably the biggest aspiration of mine. I enjoy looking at different magazines and trying to picture myself writing or taking photo’s for them, or even both!

I use my DSLR Canon 600D to capture my photographs and complete my work, this camera is my life and soul and I’d like to say I took it everywhere with me, but I would be lying, because I don’t think it would get along very well with my bathroom…

My biggest inspiration is Paolo Roversi, his work is so elegant and the photo’s which he takes are always to the highest standard. A lot of his photo’s are used for high fashion magazines which therefore makes me want to become more like him. Someone else who inspires me is Diana Vickers, I believe she is a huge style icon and is able to create her own look and have her own statement on the fashion industry.

My biggest aspiration to achieve in life is to become a top Photo Journalist working for one of my favourite magazines, I believe myself to be a person to push myself as this is something that I really want and have been passionate about for a long time. I have no intentions on giving up.


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