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Austerity is looked upon in so many ways; a lot of those different ways whether it being simplicity, poverty, fashion sense or just a loss in government funding, are what I wanted to incorporate into my own feature story.

A woman, middle-aged is seen as a high class individual in the city who has everything SHE believes she needs. Being herself, drinking fine wines, speciality teas and looking perfect every single day must be a lot of hard work but she believes in it. Until things start becoming duller, her life begins to spiral upside down, her appearance slips, her habits degrade and she hits rock bottom, circling with those who don’t even have their own money for even a cup of tea. You can tell the woman is slowly losing her riches as the photo story progresses, not only from her appearance and the way she is acting in the images, but also because of the effects I have portrayed in the images, these firstly being in black and white because austerity is about being quite stern and not including a lot of colour. I also injected different shades of grey to show how her life started, this showing a brighter shade of grey until her life started to worsen and things became more dull, this also showed her emotion, because after all the whole story was based on her life.

Austerity is something which many of us have witnessed, whether this being recession or something of the kind. What I am trying to portray is showing just a single woman and how it has affected her life and how it can affect any single one of our lives no matter how much you have in life. In life I have seen many people in life who have had everything and then to see it all being ripped away from them, one of these being my Uncle, who suffers from down syndrome and after my Nana died, he was told to move out of the house he shared with her, due to not having enough money to accommodate himself. I see this as wrong, and things like this shouldn’t be done to those who have these needs.

After talking to a man in the street who was trying to sell me a small joke book for a few pounds, it shows that people are willing to do anything for a bit extra cash. This man explained ‘I am not begging for money, but extra cash will help support my life after being made redundant’ I therefore straight away knew the man wasn’t joking and supported him.

“A lot of people measure a man by what he’s got. I’ve decided to measure myself by what I can give up.” – Geoff Nicholson

I believe this quote instantly sums up austerity as a whole, it shows that people can have riches, such as wealth but it takes a strong person to give up certain things in life when needed to.