Unedited/Edited Images

These are the final images which I used for my Photo Story Final Assignment, I have included the unedited versions and the showed the final images and how I edited them to suit the story more and to also give a better finish to the photographs and show some of the techniques I learnt throughout the Graphics Module.


1. For the first image and throughout my story line, I wanted to stick with the Black and white them because I believe this relates a lot to austere behaviour. I therefore changed the image to Greyscale and also used the ‘Black and White’ tool to use maximum white in the image as I wanted to start my images of whiter and gradually get darker. I also cropped the image so that it just focused on the main sector.

2. For this image, I also used greyscale and ‘black and white’ to lighten the image to a lighter shade of this. I also used the rotate tool so that the picture turned the right way around.

3. For this image, I used greyscale, the ‘black and white’ tool to make the image lighter but gradually getting darker and also the rotate tool.

4. For this image I used greyscale and also the ‘black and white’ tool for enhancement.

5. For this image I used greyscale, I also used the ‘black and white’ tool but instead of using the maximum white choice I used the ‘maximum black’, this is because it is a darker point in her life and it is starting to become more unhappy.

6. For this image I used greyscale and also ‘Black and White’, I again chose the maximum black option.

7. I used greyscale and maximum black on the ‘black and white’ tool.

8. I used greyscale and also ‘maximum black’ in black and white, I kept making the image darker until it was darker than the previous photograph to show things progressing to the worst.

9. For this image I used greyscale but instead of using the ‘black and white’ tool, I decided to use the Brightness/Contrast sliders to create a better effect. This was able to make the image look darker and stop it from becoming to pixelated and overworked. 

10. For my final image, I used the crop tool to focus on the most important part of the image and I also converted it to greyscale and used the Brightness/Contrast sliders to make the image as dark as it could possibly go to show the end of the austere moment and the photo story.


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