Plan for Photo Story

After researching into Austerity, I have learnt a lot about what the word means, therefore I have came up with a number of things which could be included into my photo story, I have listed them below:

– Austerity is rather dark, so shades would be better to use than colours, as well as greyscale images because this would give off a better effect than colour.

– Austerity is also plain, so I could take photographs of images which don’t include much in them, such as blank rooms or just one single signifier in the middle of a wide open space, such as a tree or something which stands out as appearing on it’s own.

– I have researched that poverty could have been related with austerity, so therefore photographs of people with little money at all could be worked with to show the consequences.

– During war time, there were a lot of rations due to there not being enough money, this would show people have to queue for food and only being able to take what they could afford by cutting back.

– Another idea is in a supermarket, where someone who normally buys a bigger brand, has to settle for smaller brands and also less quantity.

– For travel, because there is not much money, I could show someone cycling in the street rather than taking the bus or a car because this is then saving them money.

– I will take photographs of what they wear and how they present themselves, this will be rather smartly as well as looking after themselves, although they are dressed quite simple, I will make them look rather strict and also fashionable at the same time.

– I will include photographs of their facial expressions, this being their portraits to try and capture their feelings and also to try and give a good impression of austerity, and how they would be feeling.

Throughout taking my 10 photographs to try and produce a photo story and give off the theme Austerity. I will use the same main character, this being a woman who is living through a time of Austerity, and show her reaction to it. I will try to include all of the challenges which we were aksed to complete throughout the term, this being fashion, travel, portraits and events to try and show a story and their life through their own eyes. I think this will give off a vibe and also hopefully be intreuging to whoever is the audience of the photographs. The woman will be dressed in formal, dark clothes with dark make up, styled tied up hair and a good posture to begin with, this showing her starting up being high class at the start of the period of austerity, and by the end of the period, it shows how it has effected her and how she has became less fortunate. The colour of the photographs will go from brighter to dull from start to finish. Here I will give a run through of each of the 10 photographs I wish to take:

1. A photograph will be taken at a walkway where there is the less fortunate sat begging for money whilst the woman is stood and not giving them much thought and also looking down at them.

2. A full length portrait (fashion photograph) of the woman herself, focusing on her body posture and her appearance, her facial expression will also be taken into account.

3. A close up portrait of the womans face, not looking directly at the camera, her facial expression should give off what she is feeling, hopefully strength.

4. A photograph of her in her house, this being a plain house which is quite decorative, and she is still stylish drinking a good old english cup of tea.

5. This photograph shows the woman becoming less high class, and shows that she is becoming weaker in her state of austerity and knows things are becoming worse.

6. The woman is then slouched on the floor showing that she has barely any money left and is starting to look distraught. 

7. This photograph shows the woman checking her cupboards and realising she only has a couple of items of food left, knowing she cannot purchase more.

8. This shows the woman drinking excessively and not caring about the world, this is her trying to forget about her troubles, again looking distraught. 

9. This shows the woman fully crying and practically looking as though she is given up, this will be a close up portrait to show her full emotions. 

10. This photograph shows the woman at the start in the position of the person at the walkway, and instead of her looking down at them, she is now being looked down on.

Camera, lenses, the woman, clothes, make-up, less fortunate person, cardboard sign, ragged clothes, cigarettes, house, teapot, cup, saucer, table, chair, bank card, cash machine, cupboards, food, bike.


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