Event Assignment

Although there are many different events to choose from, these could be things such as sporting, festivals, fashion, food, galleries or anything of that matter, I decided to stick with a true passion of mine, this being music. I have a lot of interest in many times of music, and for this particular assignment, I believe one of the gigs I attended would be absolutely perfect for this. The event which I attended was in fact my favourite band ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’. I had been looking forward to this for ages and knew that my time there would consist of taking as many pictures as possible. I chose the image below to become the overall shot of what was taking place because I believe simply, this is what is showed. The signifiers in the picture are things such as the band members, the huge back screen, the stage, the crowd and the instruments. This therefore automatically shows that it is some form of a gig, and people may be able to recognise who if they have a general liking to the band.
I then needed to choose a picture which portrayed my experience of the event it self. Due to not having a great camera with me, because I was afraid to get it damaged, I was limited to a smaller, not so good quality camera so this therefore didn’t give a full effect. The picture which I would use to sum up my time at the event is:

This image shows the final song which was played at the event. The final song is normally a one which is most popular and finishes off the event in a spectacular way. I have to admit… it did. I shot this photograph through my own watered up eyes due to an utterly amazing show. I believe this picture gives the event justice as it shows the huge background, lighting and screens of which were brought in to give amazing effect to the fans. Also, I managed to fit more of the crows in and due to seeing all of their hands it shows that they are truly living in the moment and enjoying themselves, just as much as I was myself. The fans are also up on people’s shoulders, trying to get one final view which creates an unreal atmosphere and everytime I look at this photo, it straight away brings back memories of this event and I will always remember it as being on of the best of my life, if not… the best.

Although this image was taken with a self-timer, I believe I also had to include this in the assignment, this shows the merchandise I picked up, but it doesn’t include just the name, it includes in fact the actual date and where it took place at. I also believe this sums up my experience because I can look back on this photo/t-shirt and remember exactly what happened that night and the memories it has given me.


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