Week Seven: Printing

Digital Photo Workflow
1. Digital Capture – 2. Download photos to computer – 3. Organize photos (create groups/keywords) choose selects – 4. Raw conversion of selects from an edit (to JPEG etc.) – 5. Digital retouching (Photoshop) – 6. Output (printer/client) – 7. Archive (light-room/aperture)

Use a calibration printout to see how the printout and the computer differ in brightness/dullness.

Calibrating the Screen on a iMac
1. Choose the apple button – 2. Choose system preferences – 3. Choose Displays – 4. Choose the color option and press ‘Calibrate’ – 5. Follow the steps making sure the apple becomes almost invisible to make a new profile.

Colour Output – Gamut

Photoshop –
Edit – Color Settings – Settings: European General Purpose/Prepress (newspaper)/Web or Internet (online) – RGB: Adobe – CMYK: (ask printer staff) – Click ‘more options’ – CMYK: European coated (clay based/non spread) or uncoated (print-over) – Gray: Dot Gain 10% – Spot: Dot Gain 10% – Colour Management Policies – RGB: Convert to Working RGB.

View – Proof Setup
View – Proof Colours – see how it would look like as CMYK from RGB

Files Online
Printing in RGB
Printing with Preview
Producing via Printers
Colour Management
Checking Colour Proof
Soft Proofing
Guidelines for Choosing Colours


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