Week Three: Skin Tones and Blemishes

I am going to use a photograph from the portrait task again from my Photo Story assignments. I decided to use this image because it is a close up on the face and shows a lot of skin where I could improve the image. Here is the image:

Firstly, I believe that there is too much red in the image, so therefore I want to try and get rid of this, I choose ‘Image > Adjustments > Levels’ and then choose under RGB the Blue Level, this therefore allows me to change the input levels, I changed the middle value to 0.90 instead of 1.00 and this gets rid of a lot of the red tones. I then choose the Hue/Saturation tool to change the Red Level and change the saturation slider to -7. Here is an example of me doing this…

After editing the photograph and reducing the red, this is the finished product…

Another way to edit the image or ‘the fancy way’ as a lot of people call it is to go to ‘Image > Mode > CMYK Colour’ then, choose ‘Image > Adjustments > Curves.’ I then changed the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan colours to 30%, 24% and 8%, this is because these are the most common colours to nearer a normal skin tone and would take the red out of the skin. This is the result that came from this:

Colour Correction using Hue/Saturation

Another way to make the skin tone look pleasing is by using Hue/Saturation, this gets rid of blemishes and makes the skin look in more perfect condition. Firstly I select a new Adjustment Layer from the Layers menu and choose ‘Hue/Saturation Layer’. Here is an example:

I then followed the instructions in the tutorial for getting rid of red spots and also this treatment for blemishes, I believed none of them worked the way that I wanted it to and as I tried to adjust the colours, the redness just didn’t seem to disappear, so instead of showing you the finished product (as I didn’t really come to one, here is an example of how it could go very wrong):


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