Challenge 4: Report Writing

Ask yourself the following questions in relation to the Technology Context assignment:

What is the information you need?

Where do you find it?

How much do you need?

How shall you collect it?

In what order will you arrange it?

Write out 500 words approx. the answers to these questions.

The information of which I need to collect is about a certain decade within the 20th Century, I need to collect main events of what happened, these could be things to do with fashion, film, music, film and/or celebrities. This will then link into collecting information about the artist of my choice in the decade I choose as well as background information and a lot of paintings they have done. This also goes for the photographer as well, but instead collecting background information and photos.

There are many places which I could find my information, a basic starter point is the internet, this gives me a lot of information on different websites which I can then find images of paintings/photos as well as all the information about decades and how they link in. This will then result in me finding links to specific books, blogs, journals, magazines which can help me out and I can look at these and find them in online and offline libraries.

I need the information quite a lot so that I am able to gather as much detail as possible and to showcase my knowledge in the decade I have chosen so that I can give informative points and pick up on things that might interest the viewer of my presentation and make them intrigued as to whats going   to happen next. The information is also whats going to give me enough for the presentation and if I don’t have enough or its not strong and factual enough, then this will barely even give me a 3 minute presentation never mind 10.

I shall collect the information in a database. This being mostly collecting references whether it is from a book or from a website, this will help me to record what I have looked at and if I need the piece of information again, I can find it in the referencing list and go back to it. Specific information which I know I am definitely going to include, I will collect in a separate document, this information will be things such as special events and influences on the painter/photographer. I will also store any images which I definitely want to use in a powerpoint or in a image file so I can keep them all together and put them easily into the power point by just dragging them.

In this moment in time, I haven’t thought of any specific order in which I’m going to put them in, but I know that when I do put everything together, I will make sure that it flows correctly and not keep jumping from one thing to another. I want to make sure that I explain a point which I am trying to put across before I move onto something else, as this will look very unprofessional and the viewer might not be able to keep up with what is going on and this could become very distracting.


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