800 word article (taking photos)

For my article, I am looking at the name change of the famous football ground in Newcastle which was always known as ‘St. James’ Park’ and has currently been changed to ‘Sports Direct Arena @ St. James’ Park’. I wanted to collect photos which related to this, I took a visit to the stadium to see how quickly changes had been made, and to also look if I could see any contributions to the stadium from the fans which makes me look at their opinions and see if they are happy or unhappy with the name change. I enjoyed looking around the stadium to see how things had moved on and also whilst I was there, I managed to interview a couple of people from around the area to give me their views. This helped me a lot on my communication skills with the public as I was able to find out information quickly but still managed to find out big details. I believe I picked a good subject to base my article around.


Interviewing Questions asked:


Are you a fan of Newcastle United?

What do you think of the name change?

As far as Mike Ashley (manager) is concerned, do you believe he is in it for the football or making profit for his company (Sports Direct)?

Do you think this will effect sales to his company?

Will this collect more publicity to the club?


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