visit to tropical world

One of our assignments to do with Tony was to take a series of photo’s for a number of different themes. Today I decided to visit Tropical World, this being one of the themes. We had to take photo’s using Shutter Speed, I found this quite difficult to get the hang of at first as I had only just bought my new DLSR camera, so had to ask the people I was with to help me with the different settings. The camera which I was using is a Canon 600D and I managed to use different types of lenses also to get close-up shots as well as distant. I enjoyed taking the photographs of the different animals within tropical world, these ranging from birds, butterflies, snakes, fish, meerkats and other exotic animals. I managed to get a few moving shots of the animals as well as getting close to them and using a fast shutter so that I could take the photo before they managed to escape and not being able to get the best photo which I can. I also managed to take photographs of the different surroundings such as water, fountains, trees, and flora. These all added to my collection of photos, I managed to take around 300 photographs and believe I am able to limit it down to 10-15 images which I believe to be my strongest for my portfolio.


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