Week Commencing 28/11/11 reflection

(Ethics) We were working again on the Prezi website, I was in a different group to my original Prezi group this time because I took part in one of the other groups lessons as I missed the Wednesday’s lesson. We had to create a mood board which linked to one of the following… Steam Punk, 1950’s or Art Deco. This was to give us a rough idea on how we created a mood board for a client to show them the ideas and see if what we were thinking about creating was working in the right direction. Our group decided to choose 1950s, I decided to focus on the fashion and beauty aspect whereas other members of the group chose things such as music, film, war, cars and textures. I believed that using Prezi was better than using a more simple approach such as Microsoft Powerpoint because it is more lenient with what you are able to produce. This is what I produced for my part of the mood board…

(Photography) I didn’t manage to attend this session but I knew we learnt about special effects. We looked at panoramic photographs and were told taking them portrait was the best way to get more height and to get more photos of the image so that we can link them. There were many guidelines for taking these kind of photos, these included using a tripod, pano head, wide angle lenses, decide on depth of field, exposure, manual settings, overlap shots, choose the best camera position, and take several series of the shots. We also learnt how to put the photos together, ‘file>automate>photomerge’, choose the type of collation, merge layers and transform/warp to level out the images.


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