Primary/Secondary Sources (Digital Journalism)

Secondary source – an article/document that is used as a source for another article. (Quotes, blogs, social media, books, film)
Primary source – your own research

Secondary sources can be used –
*as the basis for a story (acknowledged by the source)
*as a springboard for an opinion piece (review the material)
*as a source of quotes (interview)

Rules –
*respect copyright/fair dealing
*attribute sources correctly
*link back to original source (online)
*don’t rewrite quotes or take out of context

Equipment for journalism –
*learn shorthand/record interviews. (on the phone or face to face)
*use a computer – Skype/Audacity
*digital dictaphone
*phone recorder

Tips to use the equipment –
*test the equipment to make sure its working
*check that you are recording properly throughout
*position the mic so you can hear the answers over questions
*choose a quiet location
*when using Skype, shut any other application using bandwidth

Preparation –
*do research in advance (find out about the subject)
*six basics (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
*avoid asking questions which you can verify elsewhere
*get THEIR story, opinions and feelings
*you can give the interviewee questions in advance but would get prepared answers
*don’t go on for too long. (20-30 mins)

Technique tips –
*be natural and conversational
*be respectful and polite
*listen (pick up threads)
*ask the most important question first
*if asked by the interviewee if they can see your copy before publication, politely decline.

Using the interview –
*Q and A
*Inline (quotes being used in the volume of the text)
*Block quotes


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