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For my article, I am looking at the name change of the famous football ground in Newcastle which was always known as ‘St. James’ Park’ and has currently been changed to ‘Sports Direct Arena @ St. James’ Park’. I wanted to collect photos which related to this, I took a visit to the stadium to see how quickly changes had been made, and to also look if I could see any contributions to the stadium from the fans which makes me look at their opinions and see if they are happy or unhappy with the name change. I enjoyed looking around the stadium to see how things had moved on and also whilst I was there, I managed to interview a couple of people from around the area to give me their views. This helped me a lot on my communication skills with the public as I was able to find out information quickly but still managed to find out big details. I believe I picked a good subject to base my article around.


Interviewing Questions asked:


Are you a fan of Newcastle United?

What do you think of the name change?

As far as Mike Ashley (manager) is concerned, do you believe he is in it for the football or making profit for his company (Sports Direct)?

Do you think this will effect sales to his company?

Will this collect more publicity to the club?


I have spent a lot of this time planning my ideas for my work, this including spider diagrams and word plans to enhance my thinking of the assignments we have been set. I managed to complete my essay on ‘What makes a good Photojournalist?’ this was after making a draft copy, having it looked at to realize that I should go deeper into my thinking and research. I then looked at books and websites which gave me a better insight into the life of a photojournalist and soon found out that a lot of work is needed as well as the ethics point of view and how people relate to photographs being published. I also managed to take photographs for one of the themes of my Photography assignment, so this enabled me to work on the start of my portfolio as well as my journal so I could keep myself up to date. For my assignment for Digital Journalism, I started to plan my list article on the photographs which I had taken at tropical world, looking at different types of animals and their habitats, I believe this was quite an interesting topic and also very informing to the viewer.

One of our assignments to do with Tony was to take a series of photo’s for a number of different themes. Today I decided to visit Tropical World, this being one of the themes. We had to take photo’s using Shutter Speed, I found this quite difficult to get the hang of at first as I had only just bought my new DLSR camera, so had to ask the people I was with to help me with the different settings. The camera which I was using is a Canon 600D and I managed to use different types of lenses also to get close-up shots as well as distant. I enjoyed taking the photographs of the different animals within tropical world, these ranging from birds, butterflies, snakes, fish, meerkats and other exotic animals. I managed to get a few moving shots of the animals as well as getting close to them and using a fast shutter so that I could take the photo before they managed to escape and not being able to get the best photo which I can. I also managed to take photographs of the different surroundings such as water, fountains, trees, and flora. These all added to my collection of photos, I managed to take around 300 photographs and believe I am able to limit it down to 10-15 images which I believe to be my strongest for my portfolio.

(Ethics) We were working again on the Prezi website, I was in a different group to my original Prezi group this time because I took part in one of the other groups lessons as I missed the Wednesday’s lesson. We had to create a mood board which linked to one of the following… Steam Punk, 1950’s or Art Deco. This was to give us a rough idea on how we created a mood board for a client to show them the ideas and see if what we were thinking about creating was working in the right direction. Our group decided to choose 1950s, I decided to focus on the fashion and beauty aspect whereas other members of the group chose things such as music, film, war, cars and textures. I believed that using Prezi was better than using a more simple approach such as Microsoft Powerpoint because it is more lenient with what you are able to produce. This is what I produced for my part of the mood board…

(Photography) I didn’t manage to attend this session but I knew we learnt about special effects. We looked at panoramic photographs and were told taking them portrait was the best way to get more height and to get more photos of the image so that we can link them. There were many guidelines for taking these kind of photos, these included using a tripod, pano head, wide angle lenses, decide on depth of field, exposure, manual settings, overlap shots, choose the best camera position, and take several series of the shots. We also learnt how to put the photos together, ‘file>automate>photomerge’, choose the type of collation, merge layers and transform/warp to level out the images.

Secondary source – an article/document that is used as a source for another article. (Quotes, blogs, social media, books, film)
Primary source – your own research

Secondary sources can be used –
*as the basis for a story (acknowledged by the source)
*as a springboard for an opinion piece (review the material)
*as a source of quotes (interview)

Rules –
*respect copyright/fair dealing
*attribute sources correctly
*link back to original source (online)
*don’t rewrite quotes or take out of context

Equipment for journalism –
*learn shorthand/record interviews. (on the phone or face to face)
*use a computer – Skype/Audacity
*digital dictaphone
*phone recorder

Tips to use the equipment –
*test the equipment to make sure its working
*check that you are recording properly throughout
*position the mic so you can hear the answers over questions
*choose a quiet location
*when using Skype, shut any other application using bandwidth

Preparation –
*do research in advance (find out about the subject)
*six basics (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
*avoid asking questions which you can verify elsewhere
*get THEIR story, opinions and feelings
*you can give the interviewee questions in advance but would get prepared answers
*don’t go on for too long. (20-30 mins)

Technique tips –
*be natural and conversational
*be respectful and polite
*listen (pick up threads)
*ask the most important question first
*if asked by the interviewee if they can see your copy before publication, politely decline.

Using the interview –
*Q and A
*Inline (quotes being used in the volume of the text)
*Block quotes