Week Commencing 14/11/2011 reflection

(Ethics) I managed to bond with more people in my class because of this task. We were put into smaller groups within the class and introduced to a new online publication called ‘Prezi’. This software enabled us to create online presentations which each person can use and mess around with to help each other out. We were asked to plan a trip to Cuba immediately. We had to plan our stay, flights, taxi’s and what we would need and put all of this information into the presentation. Prezi is very creative and enables much more individuality that Microsoft Powerpoint. Using Prezi was quite difficult as I had never used the publication before, this limited me from creating something inventive because it took me a lot of time to get used to it. I think if I used Prezi in future reference and became familiar with it then I would be able to creative very detailed pieces.

(Photography) In this workshop, we learnt about shutter speed. Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second but if the speed becomes slow then it is measured in seconds. 1/500 means that this is a 500th of a second where as 3″ means that the speed is three seconds. Electronic and mechanic shutters are the most used. DSLRs are mostly compatible with a mechanic shutter. The shutter speed controls the exposure along with ISO, letting us control the motion of the picture. A fast shutter speed would freeze the motion whereas a slower one would blur. I enjoyed working with shutter speed because it was very unusual and something I hadn’t done before, capturing motion brought out great effects in the photo’s I had taken and I believe it will work very well within my trip to Tropical World.


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