Week Commencing 17/10/11 reflection

(Ethics) Mike was off sick today so we had a lecture with Honey, it was quite interesting reading about a photojournalist and the main characteristics of their job. She also gave us a starting point of an essay of 1500 words about ‘What makes a good photojournalist?’ this enabled me to do a lot of research and look at things I didn’t already know. I was also given a reading list of famous books as well as researching quotes which helped me to have a better insight. We were then sent on a task to interview and get photos of student asking them of their University experience, I was a bit wary of this at first because I wasn’t quite comfortable going upto people I didn’t know, but in the end I got used to it and managed to find out information and feel more secure.

(Digital Journalism) We went through the whole course modules of what we will be doing up until the January assignments. This helped me to understand what needed to be done and helped me to understand what we will be expected to create. This is also the lesson which showed us about the social news and the real published news to do with Bin Laden so we could understand the differences between the two. This was a good lesson because it helped me relate to the different pieces of news and how to understand which was which.

(Photography) In this lesson, we started looking at natural lighting, we were showed some examples and talked to about front light, side light and back light. We were then set out ourselves to take pictures of these but because the day was very dull, there wasn’t much natural light to take photos with, this proved difficult so I wasn’t really able to take many photos. I would catch up on this another day and post the photos on facebook.


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