Week commencing 26/09/11 reflection

I missed my lesson on Thursday (Digital Journalism) so asked one of my friends from the other group what I needed to do to catch up, I learnt that we had to create a blog, and this was done on WordPress.com, this gave me a place to reflect on the work I was producing as well as giving me a place to talk about different things which are on my mind. We were then asked to create a post which reflected upon the Induction week, as I wasn’t able to go into town and take the photo’s we were suppose to do, I reflected on other things which happened in my first week. I would then be able to create more posts and pages which are needed for the course as well as including any relevant photos and looking back on the work to see what I had done and when I had done it.

I again missed my lesson on Friday (Photography) so had to ask my friends what happened during the lesson in order to catch up and make sure I wasn’t lacking behind. The information which I gathered was just that we had a summary to the course and what we were going to be doing, we also talked about what equipment we would need to take if we were on a dessert island, this would have just been to see how many of us actually knew what about photography. I am glad that I didn’t miss vital information but believe that I should attend lessons to make sure I don’t lack behind any further.


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