Week Commencing 03/10/11 reflection

(Digital Journalism) We learnt a lot more about the bloggig service which we had created, this being wordpress.com. I learnt the different between a post and a page. A page is something which sticks around and is easy to find as it holds posts, which are completely different because they are subject to change and disappear when newer posts are created, which means we have to find them. Categories were also created for each subject we are studying in the course, these being Photography, Digital Journalism, Ethics and the Foundation Project which had previously been documented. This helps us to find the posts when we come to look for them in the future. I created a new page containing details about myself, why I chose the course and what equipment I use in order to give people looking at my blog an insight to me. Adding tags to the posts would help people find my posts easier because they could use key words and find the work.

(Photography) I again missed this lesson but was able to find out the work from my friend again, I heard we looked at iconic photos which had gone down in history and were very famous as soon as people saw them. They are still very relateable even now in modern days. These are the photos which we are suppose to be taking, trying to find the best shot which will be looked upon for the rest of time. I then heard we had to use a photo and create our own iconic photo, we had to transfer our face onto a famous picture using photoshop and try and make it as realistic as possible. I didn’t have that much practic with photoshop so this session would have helped me with that but unfortunately I couldn’t attend.


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