foundation project deadline

I finished my hopes and fears page, including many details about each section. These included fears for my future as well as my hopes of what I would become. As well as smaller hopes and fears which related directly to my life. A one which always confuses people is my fear of wind turbines. I don’t even know myself why I am scared of them, but this is a genuine fear of mine. I included photo’s which related to my past, present and future which also gave a vague idea to my life.

I completed my Zine in Illustrator, using different photos and different effects to make the Zine look interesting. This included pictures of Flora Decay, such as leaves, which I used for the background, and then people kicking leaves on the floor. I talked about the different seasons and how this can control our lives and show us when different seasons are over and what time of the year it is.

I really enjoyed creating these two pieces of work, because it enabled me to think about myself, the past, present and future part enabled me to understand things I didn’t know about myself, where as the Zine helped me to use new software and become more creative.


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