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(Ethics) I managed to bond with more people in my class because of this task. We were put into smaller groups within the class and introduced to a new online publication called ‘Prezi’. This software enabled us to create online presentations which each person can use and mess around with to help each other out. We were asked to plan a trip to Cuba immediately. We had to plan our stay, flights, taxi’s and what we would need and put all of this information into the presentation. Prezi is very creative and enables much more individuality that Microsoft Powerpoint. Using Prezi was quite difficult as I had never used the publication before, this limited me from creating something inventive because it took me a lot of time to get used to it. I think if I used Prezi in future reference and became familiar with it then I would be able to creative very detailed pieces.

(Photography) In this workshop, we learnt about shutter speed. Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second but if the speed becomes slow then it is measured in seconds. 1/500 means that this is a 500th of a second where as 3″ means that the speed is three seconds. Electronic and mechanic shutters are the most used. DSLRs are mostly compatible with a mechanic shutter. The shutter speed controls the exposure along with ISO, letting us control the motion of the picture. A fast shutter speed would freeze the motion whereas a slower one would blur. I enjoyed working with shutter speed because it was very unusual and something I hadn’t done before, capturing motion brought out great effects in the photo’s I had taken and I believe it will work very well within my trip to Tropical World.


I decided to look at some of the best British newcomers in music of 2010, there were many UK talents to choose from so I limited to 3 which are some of my personal preferences. These being Ellie Goulding, Adele and Two Door Cinema Club.

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I believed that creating this presentation made the work I created look more neat and presentable rather than it all being spread out, several pieces of information can be included together and people can read something so easily. I think this is an easy approach to blogging and using small slideshows to show information is definitely a plus point.

(Digital Journalism) I managed to work on my planning for the assignment and wanted to focus on a sporting event, this being St. James’ Park changing to Sports Direct Arena. I wanted to take photos as well as being able to show the opinions behind it as there is much controversy which would be very interesting to look at between the fans, players and owners of the club. The planning enabled me to find out information which would help me with my article as well as giving me facts which could give me ideas and help me to find out smaller pieces of information and opinions of my own.

(Intro to Photography) From what I learnt about hearing about the different types of lenses, I already have some which would come in very handy, most of these being zoom lenses so I able to focus more on the subject in which I was taking. Fish eye, wide angle, telephoto, macro and prime are all major lenses which can make a photo more professional. I believe hearing about these will inspire me to use each so that I can take photos and use new techniques to enhance my ability.

I decided to plan my 800 word article firstly by creating a Mind Map which included all my ideas of what I wanted to include in the actual article itself. I made the title stand out by using the same colours as the actual logo then used subheadings as well as smaller branches to give me information on each. I didn’t make it too detailed because I didn’t want it to be so informative that all the information had already been included.

The article which I am focusing on is to do with a ‘sporting event’. Something current in the news at the moment is the newly renamed ‘Sports Direct Arena’ this was previously known as ‘St. Jame’s Park’. I therefore wanted to look at the different reactions and how the whole name change began as well as looking at the histories and different sponserers.

There are also many websites which I could look at in order to help me find different information on the article. I am also going to look at recent newspapers which will give me a better insight than some online articles because they are more detailed.

These are news websites as well as blogs made only for the public so I can get opinions from both sides. This will give me reactions from actual fans as well as what the actual footballers and owners of the club think about it.

Jimmy Savile’s body¬† to lie in state infront of thousands of fans in his hometown of Leeds on Tuesday, closely followed by a mass and burial.

Sir Jimmy Savile was found dead at his flat in Rounday on Saturday, two days before his 85th birthday, followed by a short time in hospital earlier this month linked with pneumonia.

The childrens TV host will be on view to everyone at The Queens Hotel in Leeds on Tuesday, giving people a chance to say their goodbyes between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

The Requiem Mass will be held the following day at St Annes Cathedral, followed by his burial in Scarborough, a place close to his heart.

Two West Yorkshire MPs have paid tribute to Sir Jimmy stating he was an “enormous contribution” to charity and is an “essential Yorkshire character”

It is safe to say Sir Jimmy will be missed.

(Ethics) Our lesson was held on the Thursday due to Mike being ill. We looked at different quotes about what photojournalists class themselves as and also the ways in which they work. We also looked at which different magazines, people, wesbites and newspapers are more honourable and trustworthy than others.

This is a similar table to the one which we looked at in the lesson, it shows how much trust people put into the news and which they believe to be the most reliable, I believe it to be quite interesting.

We also looked at the guidelines for journalists, a website which relates to this quite well is this…

I believe this lesson helped me to understand what the public are going to rely on and who they are going to trust to tell the truth, therefore in my career I should try and keep this the same way and get the correct information and not be like someone like eg. The News Of The World, from their huge hacking court case.

(Digital Journalism) Today we looked at different ways of reading an article. These include online and offline prints. I noticed that offline prints such as magazines and newspapers included more detail because people have actually bought the articles inside of this so will then intend to read them. Whereas on a website, they normally just scan the article. The page length for a Broadsheet was 1200-1600 words, whereas for a magazine it was 750-1000 words, this changed dramatically for an online article ranging from 250-700 words. We were told that when writing for online publications to try and limit down the word count, use lists, quotes and call outs. I believed this session to be extremely helpful because it showed us how we were to right if we were creating publications online or offline and how to grab peoples attentions instead of them just ‘scan’ reading.

(Intro to Photography) I didn’t manage to make it into today’s lesson so I found out what I missed by emailing Tony as well as asking my friends to give me some information. I learnt that we were working on ‘aperture’, we learnt about the basics of aperture and then going to look at ‘depth of field’, a shallow depth of field helps something in the foreground to stand out where as a wide depth of field is better use for landscapes. I also learnt that each camera has a sweet spot, this is the best spot to make images look their sharpest and more professional.

(Ethics) We were asked to create a timetable to make us have a look at when we complete work, our free time and when we attend lessons. This gave me an insight to how much free time I have in which I could be completing work instead of just messing around. We created this using Illustrator and planned out the times and days so I could look at my time.

This is what I came up with, I highlighted each thing I did with a different colour and kept a plan at the bottom so I could see when I did this.

In the second part of the lesson, we looked at a series of images which we discussed about being ethical or unethical to send to a magazine or a website to produce. This encourage class debate which got us all talking and helped us to understand more about whether a journalist should have to have consent to use a photo or whether they should just go for it.

(Photography) I missed this lecture due to the fact that Liba Taylor was doing her own lecture and workshop. I picked up on some notes from my friend from the class and learnt that we were being taught about artificial lighting. I learnt the basics such as additional lighting should be added if it is too dull, the contrast is wrong or even the colour tone. Things such as reflectors and flash are good sources of artificial lighting as they help to bring the photo to life. This helped because the focus of our first Photography assignment was all about lighting (Halloween) and now I can apply both natural and artificial together and know how to work with them.