second foundation reflection

the second week has been the hardest, i’m told time after time never to leave things til’ last minute, but yet again, I have. I completed my past, present and future section explaining my hopes and fears at the same time. This helped me to learn a lot about myself and allow me to view which kind of hopes and fears are the strongest and the ones which I would include. I tried to contain in the project a collection of photo’s which represented the story I was telling to its full potential and also make the layout something different by using different effects which I wasn’t used to, in order to push myself, and not stick to the norm. I began to create my Zine, using Illustrator was something I was definitely not familiar with, this therefore made me have to try and push myself and use the different tools on there to create something which stood out. I wanted to make a good layout as well as include text which relate to the photos which I had taken. I had taken the background of the leaves as well as all the other photo’s involved on the Zine in Kirkstall Abbey Park. There was a wide variety of flora to choose from to help me capture the perfect shots.


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