first foundation reflection

The project which I was given for the foundation project at first confused me, I had never heard of a ‘Zine’ in my life. This startled me and I was scared in case everyone around me knew what they had to do, after a while I felt rather silly after knowing it was short for ‘Magazine’. My panic faded. It was hard to come up with a theme straight away, well at least something which I could make a strong opinion on. Our group decided to come up with decay, but instead of us all focusing on one aspect, we decided to choose a seperate topic each, mine being ‘flora’. I managed to collect the photos which I needed by visiting Kirkstall Abbey and looking around the park then looking at different aspects such as leaves, trees and flowers. I believe taking these gave me an insight on a new type of photography because a lot of the photography I have done before has been staged, this allowed me to play around a little. I then took photo’s of different textures which could be used as backgrounds for other projects in the future as well as this one. I believe doing this has helped me to then think about what I am going to write about and also the layout for the Zine.


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