induction week reflection

I never know how to start a blank canvas, especially under the pressure to write something about a thing in particular. To be honest, starting University was a huge blank canvas, new place, new people, new sights… a whole new life. Me and my mam always used to watch the film version of ‘Mamma Mia’ and I always used to dread the part when the daughter leaves, the lyrics from the song which sprang to mind were ‘School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning, waving goodbye, with an absent minded smile’, University makes me feel like a young kid again as well as at the same time making me feel like a young woman. The moment came, and I was then the daughter leaving, that young school girl entering the big world, leaving my mam behind. I had doubts about not being able to become independent, the thought of using a washing machine was my worst problem, I was a hundred percent sure that if I used one, my clothes would come out the right size for a barbie. They didn’t. Thank God. I realised after the first few days that everyone around me were also in the same boat, leaving home, making clothes for barbies, hundreds and thousands of mature “school kids” flooding around me, I finally belonged.


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